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air projecting fan

A fan blows air against a photograph hanging in front of a hole in a wall at intervals in air projecting fan.  The photo is of the fan while moving.  A projection of the fan while still projects onto the photograph.  When the photograph flaps in the wind blown by the fan, the fan screens the projection of the still fan.   A projector projects live-stream video taken of the fan from behind the wall onto the wall facing the projector projecting the still image of the fan.  The moving fan and photograph of the moving fan become almost indistinguishable except for the (un)felt air coming from the fan. The moving fan becomes a screen projecting air while appearing still from the photograph. 

Three projections happen simultaneously in air projecting fan.  Each projection contradicts a perceived effect of an image, disrupting the formation of sensibilities that are contingent on the location of the image and its affect.  The screen upon which an image projects becomes a projection and vice versa


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