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news reading news

news reading news news reading news news reading news news reading news news reading news

translating news reading news, 2009

Selected papers purchased from News Haven (1058 Chapel Street) on Sunday, the 11th of October 2009: Al Hayat, Eθνικός Κήρυξthe National Herald,” El País, The New York Times and Yedioth U.S.A.

Where the newspapers were found was photographed the following week.  These photographs represent news after news by the interval between weekly editions.

The artist removed all the images from the newspapers to separate words from images.  Words become framed by the absence of images and become images.

The materials used to cut and graft images onto sheets of clear polyester become part of the installation in order to frame the labor which has disappeared (cutting using a razor blade).

The images from the different newspapers are arranged corresponding to their newspapers in order that differences might be read between one newspaper’s images and the next.  This becomes a way of translating cultural difference by way of images and text disseminated from varying regions with differing languages.  The spectatorship of images becomes similar to reading text: a process of understanding nuance.  Reading assumes an active role in assessing the violence of an image or a text which can always mean nothing.

news reading news
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