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In not knowing what is known, 2010, two segments of a ladder that were found while walking to the studio lean against each other. Between them, a sheet of white cotton fabric hangs from the ceiling to give the impression of a wall. Fabric sheets hang among other sheets hanging along lines strung in a way that they cross each other at 90 degree angles. These block the viewer from seeing both sides at once.

not knowing what is known gives the appearance of a ladder segment resting on a cotton sheet that hangs from the ceiling. This appearance becomes an illusion only when seen from the other side that the ladder segment leans against another ladder segment.

The ladder leaning against a wall becomes a ladder leaning against another ladder between a sheet of fabric.

12 May 2010 addendum:

When showing not knowing what is known during Yale Open Studios on 8 May 2010, visitors would often cause the ladder segments to crash to the ground by disrupting the installation.   The visitors are told that such an event is part of not knowing what is known and they would often find it a funny incidence.  Some visitors complain that such an event would “kill somebody” but not knowing what is known does not harm anyone.  The loud noise is more frightening than anything else.

Visitors who saw both ladder segments of not knowing what is known would still disrupt the installation, causing the ladder segments to fall even as if by accident.  Despite the indication that the only thing keeping the ladder segments from falling is each opposing ladder segment, visitors seem not to notice this, misreading not knowing what is known for something less precarious and, thus, befitting codes of art.   not knowing what is known deconstructs our presumptions about the ordering of things according to knowledge.

not knowing what is known, 2010

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not knowing known
not knowing known