the other side the other side the other side the other side

On the other side

Like in Point and counterpoint, 2008, The other side, 2008, asks ‘how can a line serve as a point of tension in itself?’  Some other questions to consider: What is without a posterior or anterior end?  What might show ambivalence to either end of its structure?

In The other side, 2008, one side of a structure is framed in the same way as its opposite side, which appears as a threshold.  Found bricks at the outer ends of The oher side anchor the frames.  Both upright squares are held at right angles by other, adjacent square frames leaning against them.  In turn, the upright square frames almost indiscernibly lean away from a rock to which they are anchored.  In The other side, I was interested in showing ambivalence between either ends of a frame.  In effect, the frame frames its support.

The other side took place on an abandoned lot in Baltimore on Federal Street between Calvert Street and Guilford Avenue where, previously, ruins of a former building have been nearly entirely cleared.  However, below the ground level a sub-level appears from a square hole in the ground.

The other side
Wood, string, straws, hardware
Dimensions variable
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